Today the Verizon iPhone 4 became available!  For all you new Verizon iPhone 4 users you better take a close look at your insurance options to insure your iPhone 4.  Verizon offers an insurance plan but will charge you $10.99 per month and if you file a claim you’ll be charge with a whopping $199 deductible.  This is crazy expensive and not worth the money.

Worth Ave. Group will protect your iPhone 4 against accidental damage (includes drops/cracked screens/liquid submersion), theft, vandalism, fire, flood, natural disasters and power surge due to lightning.  They provide worldwide replacement cost coverage.  If you file a claim they will send you money to repair your iPhone or to buy a new one.  For all of this they will charge you less than $7 a month and if you file a claim your deductible will be just $50!  I’m no mathmatician but it’s easy to see which iPhone 4 insurance plan is the best option.  My iPhone 4 is covered by Worth Ave. Group and so should yours.

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