iPhone 5 Design Different from Other iPhones

Posted by iPHi under Apple Related, iPhone 5, Iphone News on Thursday May 19, 2011

There are rumors all over the internet about the iPhone 5. One of the most consistent ones is that there is going to be a design change to the iPhone 5. It is supposedly different from all the previous generations of iPhones. The picture to the left is what the iPhone 5 may look like.

The iPhone 5 will be thinner than other iPhones,  but will have a larger screen and a larger home button. The screen is said to be extended out to the edges and will be a little less than 4 inches, which would allow Apple to still use the Retina Display on the iPhone 5. The home button is also going to be larger- it will reach all the way out to the edges of the phone, instead of just being a small circle like on the previous iPhones. A bigger home button will allow use of new features that are said to be on the iPhone 5.

Cable-free touch charging and an 8-megapixel camera could also be featured on the iPhone 5.



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Free Christmas apps for your iPhone

Posted by iPHi under Applications, Holiday Shopping on Monday Nov 29, 2010

Looking to get in the Holiday spirit.  Check out these free Christmas apps for your iPhone.  Lead the Gingerbread man through Holiday themed levels, countdown the days to Christmas or even make your own Christmas tree!  These Christmas apps for your iPhone are a great way to start off the Holiday season.

  • OvenBreak Infinity
  • Christmas Tale
  • Christmas Tree Maker
  • Amateur Surgeon Christmas Edition
  • Christmas from Gourmet Pixel
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