Here are a couple apps that can make your Christmas shopping a little easier than it was last year. The first one is called ScanLife. This app changes the camera on your iPhone to a barcode scanner. You can then scan the barcodes of items and compare their price at the store to their price on  The app then takes the price of the item and shows the prices from others stores, as shown on is also checked to see if there are better prices available to you.  It is available in the app store for free.

The other app that will help you with your Christmas shopping is called Black Friday. With this app, you can look and see items that will more than likely be on sale for the upcoming holidays. Black Friday gets you ahead of other shoppers because it has information that many people have to wait to see until they get their newspapers. This app is free, as well.

Both apps are good ways to help you relax a little during your holiday shopping, so go download them today! They’re free, so why not?

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