Mobile MIM

Posted by iPHi under Apple Related, Applications, Tablets on Thursday Feb 17, 2011

Apple has just realeased a new app into the app store. It’s called Mobile MIM and used primarily for medical imaging. The app is for the physicians who aren’t able to be in the office but have an important and urgent patient who needs a test or scan of some kind. With the Mobile MIM app, the images can be sent to the physician’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and he/she can view them from wherever he/she is. This app allows the physician to make a diagnosis and give the patient the medications they need, even if he/she can’t be in the office.

This app was one of the first in July 2008 when the app store first began, but the FDA ordered that it be removed. The FDA has just recently cleared this app, but says it should never be used for x-rays or mammograms because the screens of the iDevices do not have high enough resolution. They do, however, have enough resolution to view images like CT scans, MRIs, and nuclear imaging scans.

The app is available for free now at the app store. But even though the app is free, it costs to send or receive an image and to purchase software that serves images to the devices from within the physician’s institution.

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