iPhone 5 not coming till September?

Posted by iPHi under Apple Related, iPhone 5 on Wednesday Apr 20, 2011

Rueters has just released a new article on the iPhone 5 and according to their sources we’ll have to wait till September for the new iPhone.  Apple has been pretty consistent with releasing a new iPhone around June but it sounds like we’ll have to wait a little longer this year.  For a full read on Rueters article click: iPhone 5.

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Smart Case for iPad 2

Posted by iPHi under Apple Related, Tablets on Sunday Mar 13, 2011

On Friday, Apple released the iPad 2. Also released on the same day was the Smart Case for the iPad 2. The Smart Case is a cover for the iPad 2 that was developed to work just with the iPad 2. It attaches to the iPad 2 with magnets and protects the screen.  But it’s not just a cover. It’s a stand for using the keyboard and FaceTime. When you cover the iPad with the Smart Case, the case puts the iPad to sleep, and when you take the cover off, the iPad wakes up. If you go to Apple’s website, you can see everything the Smart Case can do.

You can order the Smart Case from the Apple Store now. It comes in 10 colors- 5 made of polyurethane colors and 5 made of leather. The polyurethane cases are $39 and the
leather cases are $69.

Here’s a video so you can see just how awesome this case really is.

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Extended Battery Case from Energizer

Posted by iPHi under Uncategorized on Thursday Oct 14, 2010

Energizer has just released a new case for the iPhone 4. It’s called the AP1201 and it doubles as a battery pack. It has been proven to nearly double the battery life of the iPhone. It shows the status of the external battery with LED lights on the back of the case. The case itself can be recharged up to 500 times with its own charging cable. You can charge the case and the iPhone  separately or at the same time while the case is on the iPhone 4.

The case is made of recycled silicone rubber and has a bumper that will help solve the antennagate issue that has been swirling around the iPhone 4. The AP1201 case is shipping now for $70. Buy it here!

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How to Spell iPhone Insurance

Posted by Sarah under Iphone Insurance on Wednesday Jan 6, 2010

Ever noticed there’s always that one word you can never type correctly the first time?  You’d think working in insurance for the last 5 years my word wouldn’t in fact be insurance …no such luck.  For example I’ll catch myself having typed iphone insurace, iphone insuance and iphone insruance.  Bad, I know.  But this is nothing compared to the numerous different ways I found it misspelled.

Checking my traffic stats today and I realized I’m not the only one.  I was blown away with the misspellings I found.  My favorites were iphone insurenace, ipjone insurance and iphone insturance…just to name a few.

Have we really been THAT pampered by spell check and what did we do before it?

For your enjoyment purposes, here are the rest of the commonly misspelled iPhone insurance terms:

iphone insuranc
ipone insurance
iphone insurnace
iphone insurance cost
iphone issurance
ihpone insurance
iphine insurance
iphone insurane
iphone insurane
iphoen insurance
iphone inssurance
iphone inshurance
iphone insurancd
iphone insurqnce
insuransce for iphone
iphone insurnce
iphonr insurance
iphone insurancew
iphone insurrance
ipohne insurance
ihone insurance
iphone inusurance
how much is the iphone insurance
insurance for an iphone
iphone insurance.
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