Apple – Black Friday Special

Posted by iPHi under Apple Related, Holiday Shopping on Tuesday Nov 23, 2010

Check out the Apple Store on Black Friday for a “special one-day shopping event”.   There is no mention that they will offer discounts on the iPhone but in previous years they have offered specials on iPhone accessories.  It will be worth checking out for sure!

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Broken iPhone Screen

Posted by Sarah under Iphone Insurance on Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

All it took was once!  That is all it took for me to go shopping for iphone insurance after I recently dropped my iphone while getting out of my car.  My screen was shattered!  I’ve heard people say that their phone were still operational at this point but I was not blessed with this luck.

iPhone with broken screen

I have always considered myself a careful person but I am clumsy and these types of accidents seem to be typical for me.   My initial assumption was that the apple store could just replace my screen for a nominal charge.  NOT!    I had to replace the ENTIRE phone for $500….but I guess they ARE in the business of selling phones!  What a racket!

So for all you folks out there like me who do drop your iphone every now and then, there is insurance out in cyberspace to cover your negligence.  I just hope you’re pro-active and shop for it before an accident happens to you.  I found an excellent policy from Worth Avenue Group that gives me a sense of security at a very affordable price.

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